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  1. I'll be starting my physics program next week at U of Toronto but im debating one thing, to get accepted into a top university in the USA ( mit or harvard ) for graduate studies, would i require to take a 4 year honors program or will a 3 year program suffice with good enough marks?

    As a side note, how long does it take to get a Msc and a Phd (average)

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  3. 4 years at UFT...unless your able to cram all those requirements at UFT into 3 years(which includes summerschool)..though people would say take your time to completely understand what you are learning, doing undergrad research would probably be a plus(especially if you can obtain one fo those NSERC undergrad scholarships for the summer).

    MSc(1yr-1.66yr),Phd(2.5-3)..total almost 5 years after undergrad
  4. I'm not in Physics, myself, but I recommend taking the extra fourth year.

    I don't know about Physics, but for UFT math and CS, the Grad Schools generally only have access to your marks from your *second-last* year -- so if you only take 3 years, they'll be looking at your second year marks.

    If you take 4 years, you'll be able to take numerous extra courses, and spread out your workload and degree sufficiently.
  5. how about summer courses? if i do a 4 year programme in 3 years that will allow me 3 summers to take courses. wouldn't it be even it out?
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    IT is a more wise investment to spend your summers getting research experience than it is to take classes.
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