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3 Oses possible ?

  1. Dec 29, 2004 #1
    if i want to nstall 3 oses on one computer, is it posible ?

    i have a computer with lredhat and win 98 but after install freebsd, freebsd dowsn't work properly.
    It boots but it takes 20 minutes before completing for me to use it
    and sometimes while booting, it stops to check "new hardware installation",
    then does not go on moving teh status bar and my monitor screen gets completely dark. but teh green light is still on.
    and the hard disk is still normaly reading, while teh computer doesn't get back to freebsd anymore.

    What happens ?
    thank you.
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    You might want to read this:

    http://geodsoft.com/howto/dualboot/ [Broken]
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    Thank you duardo, my problem happens to be with keyboard which is not us/international one.
    I boot in safemode a nd try to look at how teh system works[verbal], but when it comes to "check new usb install"--I am connecting my new keyboard at teh time too--and it stops until my screen goes black. Of course if I unplug my keyboard, it will boot smoothly but after taht my keyboard goes dead/frozen

    Do you know how to fix this kind of usb problem ?
    Thank you

    -Soul dina
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