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3 pendulums problem

  1. May 13, 2004 #1
    HELP. I need to find a solution to the following problem.

    3 totally independent pendulums oscillate with 3 distinct pulsations. There is no mention of any gravity, ... => the motion is infinite.

    The 3 pendulums have the very same amplitude (A).

    We then consider the following equation:

    y = A sin(w t + phi)

    Therefore, we obtain:

    y1(t) = A sin(w1 t + phi1)
    y2(t) = A sin(w2 t + phi2)
    y3(t) = A sin(w3 t + phi3)


    phi1, phi2, phi3 are the initial "positions" of the system at time t0 (it is a snapshot of the running system).

    For each w : w1 < > w2 < > w3, at a certain moment of time t, we must have: y1(t) = y2(t) = y3(t)

    How is it possible to obtain this time t <> t0 ?

    Would there be any equation, statistical method, ... that might solve this problem ?

    In advance, many thanks
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