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3 phase generator

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    I intend designing a 3 phase AC generator. Thereafter I need to build it. Believing in "a picture tells a 1000 words", I am very much a "pictures" person, and as my studies in the electrical field were completed many moons ago, the formulas are now "forgotten" - so thus I want to approach this design project in the simplest of manners - with pictures etc.

    I would very much appreciate your assistance in the design of this generator and even if you have the highest of college degrees it would still be appreciated if you could explain in layman's terms.

    The information I have at hand is currently the following :

    Required AC Voltage Output : 380 V (230V per phase)
    Required AC Ampere Output : (as much as possible)
    rotational speed of rotor : 3.5 m/s
    (e.g. - if the circumference of the rotor is 400 mm then the rpm would be 525 r/m)
    (e.g. - if the circumference of the rotor is 800 mm then the rpm would be 263 r/m)
    The rotor is the "outside" of the generator (packed with magnets)
    The stator is the shaft with the armature wound on it. (the shaft can be packed with an armature in length of 500 mm to 1000 mm - length of shaft)
    This generator will be powered by a mechanical force which will run at 3.5 m/s (conveyor belt)

    The information I require is the following :

    Thickness of copper windings
    Quantity of windings (3 phase - should I make 1 coil per phase or 3 coils per phase or more)
    Direction of windings (in relation to the magnets)
    layout of magnets (in relation to the coil)
    circumference of the rotor (bigger or smaller)

    Any other information which I need to consider.
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    The shaft (stator) is fixed and stationary - the roller (rotor) (yellow cylinder) is rotating.
    The shaft needs to be wound armature-like and the magnets need to be fixed on the roller's inside.
    roller.jpg Magnets.png (magnet layout)
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    Before you talk about speeds you need to think about frequency, what frequency do you want to generate?
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