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3 Phase permanent magnet motor control

  1. Aug 27, 2012 #1
    I need some help, my friend and I are trying to modify his Polaris Razor power steering motor, so he can operate his steering remotely, he is paralyzed and doesn't have the strength to operate the steering wheel in the current location. He needs the wheel to be closer to his body. The Razor has an electric motor power steering system comprised of a permanent magnet 3 phase motor that inputs force to the steering system based on input direction. I am looking for something that we can hook directly to the 3 phase motor windings that will drive the motor in each direction and will only move a specific # of degrees based on input position. We will be hard wiring this mod, so we don't need remote control (Radio wave) dependant devices.
    Thanks in advance.
    Scott and Dan
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