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3-phase system input voltage

  1. Aug 23, 2015 #1
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    In the three phase system of Fig. 8.4, calculate the magnitude of the line
    voltage V and the input power factor.
    V 1 = 400 V, Z ̇ L = 0.1 + j0.2 Ω, P 2 = 10 kW cos φ 2 = 0.6, Z ̇ 1 = 5∠60 ◦ Ω
    delta connected, f = 50 Hz.

    The results are:

    In the image attached there is my solution. Could you please tell me where is wrong? image.jpg
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    If you could upload a more clear picture I'd be happy to try help you. Just finding it difficult to see the circuit etc.
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