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3 prong cord.

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    I'm having a little dilema. I just got a portable DVD player from Minitek.
    I plug a cord into the AV out jack. When I plugged it into the audio-video input jacks on my tv it didn't work.

    But that's not my quest. I want to know how a cord which has 1 prong on 1 end and 3 on the other splits the signal. I have a red ,white,and yellow prongs on the end with colors the correspond to each jack. I want to know how if the signals go in through 1 connection how do they split and into 3 connections. Does each signal go to eachprong or do they majicaly go to certain prongs?
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    If you look closely at the "single" connector, which plugs into your DVD player, you'll likely see that there are, in fact, several metal contacts, each separated from the others by a strip of plastic. The cable actually consists of three independent signal wires, each connected to one of the three contacts on the "single" connector.

    - Warren
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    The second plug down on this image illustrates the concept that chroot described. This kind of plug may also be found on stereo jacks though wired to different signals.
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