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3 Qs about EM orbit

  1. May 6, 2014 #1
    1. Can a magnet orbit another magnet (of opposite charge) despite the fact that their masses are insufficient to generate the orbit; i.e., their orbits are caused only by the EM force?

    2. Would/could the EM attraction between them generate tidal effects on the two magnets?

    3. If you had two magnets with like charges (such that there is a repulsive force between them), is there a possible speed&trajectory that one of them could assume relative the to other such that it would yield an orbital path? And if so, what about weird reversed tidal forces (flattening instead of elongating)?

    The 1st 2 Qs ask whether you can have EM-attraction orbits & tides in the way that we already know we can have gravity-attraction orbits & tides. The 3rd Q asks whether we can have EM-repulsion orbits & tides?
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    Magnets always have a north and a south - there are no "magnetic charges".
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    Yes, Orbits of a magnet depend on EM force.
    Orbits of a magnet does not depend on mass.
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