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3 questions.

  1. Jul 10, 2012 #1
    This is my first day, first post and first...

    A little bit about myself. I just finished my second year in EE in a Moroccan university and presently on an internship.

    I would like to ask 3 questions after going through this wonderful forum.

    1. How many internship months should someone make sure in getting before graduating (BSc)?

    2. What do you think of Moroccan universities with respect to other countries' (like USA, Canada, European countries and other African countries)?

    3. Can poor grades (Ds) in maths modules affect someone when it comes to getting good graduate schools for Masters?

    I hope to hear from from you (my wonderful new people)..

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    Can someone say something please. Thanks once again in advance
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    Do at least one internship I am unsure of how many months, but I am willing to bet the more experience you have the better.
    I am not sure about Moroccan universities, but the United States, and Europe are known for having great universities. Not sure about Canada or Africa.
    Depends, were these grades received during the last 2 years of your bachelors degree? Usually graduate schools look at your last 2 years of performance over your first two years, this however will depend upon the university.
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    Thank you very much Math. Anyway, for the maths we normally do it here in the first and the second year, after that you concentrate purely on your course (no more maths modules after the second year). And we do three maths modules; ANALYSE, ALGEBRE, NUMERICAL ANALYSES and PROBABILITY & STATISTIQUES for the whole EE program.
    hope to hear from you again.

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    Can someone kindly answer my questions please... I am really waiting and desperate for answers..
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    Hey airer and welcome to the forums.

    I don't know what the professional requirements are for Morocco but in Australia, you need to do roughly 12 weeks of internship along side passing all the relevant subjects to get the final undergraduate degree. If you don't do this, you won't get it (at least in Australia).

    What is your professional society for engineering over there in Morocco (if you have one)? If there is no professional society or accreditation like here, then the requirements may be a lot more 'relaxed'.

    Does your country have a chapter there for the IEEE?
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    I am not sure if we have IEEE but i know that at the end of your degree your degree should be verified and stamped by the ministry of higher education. For the internship stuff, you need atlest 2 months to defend your thesis. I am not asking with respect to staying in morocco, i am asking like if i want to go other countries for work or Masters in europe, etc..

    and what anout the question on maths too??
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    In terms of working in other countries, it would serve you well to check how the professional bodies in that country view the accreditation process in your country.

    The subsequent body is bound to have a website outlining the process of becoming accredited as well as any exams or documentation required.

    Following this you should go to the relevant professional body and see what the accreditation process is for that body for a person of your background. Once you get this, you will be able to know how much of your background will be used for accreditation and whether you need to do extra study, exams, or further accreditation to meet their own standards.

    If you don't find this information on their site, it's best that you email someone who can give you this information so that you can think about what to do if/when you later decide to travel to that vicinity and practice as an engineer.
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    Thank you very much. So how is it like in Australia or can you give me the site where i can be informed.
  11. Jul 16, 2012 #10


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    Take a look at this:

    http://www.engineersaustralia.org.au/about-us/migration-skills-assessment [Broken]
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    thank you very much
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    But you didn't talk about the maths part of my question.. check it please.
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    There's no one answer to that question. It depends on the university, program, department and nature of the Masters.

    The answer will depend on those factors and it's best that you contact the school to find out exactly whether it does or doesn't.
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