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3 semesters left, should I transfer?

  1. Sep 5, 2007 #1
    Hello everyone,

    I haven't posted in awhile but a lot has happened!

    Well I'm still doing my 8 month co-op with IBM as a Software Engineer and I'm really loving it!

    I'm currently a student at Penn State but I soon found out how terrible Penn State's Comp Sci program is compared to NC States Computer Sci curriculum.

    IBM,CISCO, SAP, etc have a huge influence on NC State's Comp Sci program and that really helps keep the courses new and improved.

    My co-op ends in December, so I would be done by the Spring of 08. If I went back to Penn State I would have 3 semesters left if I really load my courses up.

    But if I transfered to NC STATE I'm not sure how many semesters it would put me back. Maybe 1 or 2.... I have all my physics and maths taken care of, I just havn't taken any core courses in Comp Sci other than 2 Computer architecture class that is geared more towards Computer Engineering rather than Comp Sci. Infact, they transfer as EE courses in NC State rather than Comp Eng or Comp Sci :(

    The major difference is Penn State doesn't teach Java (they are big into C/C++) and is huge on theory and not application.
    If I was wanting to go into research , thats great but I don't. NC State is huge on Java and big projects in their comp sci curriculum. After looking at their courses they offered I got excited and when I looked at the courses I was going to be taking at Penn State I felt "ahh thats going to suck".

    IBM doesn't do anything in C++ and after programming in Java for a week I found out why.
    Java is just as fast as C++ and a lot nicer/cleaner in all aspects in my opinion, but I'm glad I learned C/C++ anyways just so I can realize how nice Java is! Sorry I'm getting off topic...

    The manager I'm working for wants me back to co-op full time in the summer as well....so to me it seems like such a hassle to move back to PA to go to school for a semester, then come back to NC for the summer, then move back to PA to finish my fall and spring semester of 09. Then move back down here to get a Full Time job with IBM. (phew sorry about the run on).

    Instead.... I believe I would have a really good chance of working part time with IBM while going full time in school if I transfer to NC State.

    I would finish my co-op, take the spring 08 semester off to go full time to NC State, then in the summer work full time as a co-op and take a few classes at NC State. Then during the fall and spring till whenever work part time with IBM while going full time at NC state.

    So in my mind I know what I want to transfer, even my buddies from Penn State can't believe how horrible Penn State is compared to NC State after talking to the other co-ops at IBM.

    I just need some input from other people to see if they also think this is a good idea or if I should just graduate the fastest and hope for the best.

    Comments/Suggestions are welcome and needed :D
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