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Homework Help: 3 sphere collision

  1. Oct 31, 2005 #1
    I'm having trouble with this problem, can someone help:

    Spheres A (m=0.02 kg), B (m=0.03 kg), and C (m=0.05 kg), are each approaching the origin as they slide on a frictionless air table. the initial velocity of A is 1.5 m/s horizontally to the left and the x and y components of B's velocity are 0.25 m/s horizontally to the left and 0.433 m/s downward . all three spheres arrive at the origin at the same time and stick together. what must the x and y components of the initial velocity of C be if all three objects end up moving at 0.5 m/n in the +x direction after the collision?
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    Andrew Mason

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    Show us your work. What is the principle or physical law that applies here?

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    Try writing the momenutm equations in the x and y directions.

    Consider the total kinetic energy before = total kinetic energy after.
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