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3 way valve application

  1. May 11, 2012 #1
    Hello, I am using a 3 way NC, manifold mount bullet valve from mac. I am finding that with my current setup, the valve leaks vaccum in ports 2 and 3 (I was told this is intentional). For my application, I would like to use two 3-way valves to control vacuum from a reservoir to a suction cup that is intended to pick up a lens. Essentially port 1
    (with the mesh) is the only one that is sealed tight. So I use this
    port to control the vacuum flow from the reservoir to the suction cup.
    Port 2 of the same solenoid is connected to the reservoir. Thus, when
    activated, the vacuum will flow from the reservoir through port 2 and
    into 1. Once shut off, the vacuum will now seal between port 1 and the
    suction cup which is intended.

    Additionally, we then use a secondary solenoid to vent port 1 from the
    first solenoid to atmosphere when we wish to let go of the lens. The
    problem arises that we are using port 2 in the first solenoid for the
    vacuum reservoir. The vacuum from this reservoir leaks through ports 2
    and 3 (i believe) and depletes the reservoir. We would like to plug
    these leaks up so that we do not have to use our vacuum pump.

    Any suggestions would be helpful.

    I saw somewhere on this forum that the directionality and precise hook up is necessary otherwise the valves will be leaky.
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