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3 year BSc (Hons.)

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    I had been talking to my seniors about applying to colleges once one is done with a BSc. In India, BSc degrees are only for 3 years, and I've heard that many colleges in US do not accept 3 year degrees when applying for masters, but only 4. I have also heard that since certain colleges offer BSc (Hons.) instead of a regular BSc, the students use that as a loophole to get admission to US colleges for masters.

    What is the consensus on this?
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    Some places in US do accept three year undergraduate (i mean they arn't stringent about the *4* year degree). But yeah, many nice places don't :cry: I am also a B.Sc. honors student from India. I mailed the universities I was interested in and they replied whether they are cool with the 3 year education. Guess thats what one should do?
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    Hi Sourabh,
    Since the nice places dont accept a three year undergrad what should one do? I am also a BSc Phy student in India and interested in grad school in the US. Are you planning on doing an MSc in India and then applying? Thanks .
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    I said 'many nice places', not 'all nice places' :approve: There are still good places one can get into with a 3 year degree. And yes, given I don't get in the place I want, I will do MSc in India (or elsewhere..) and then dream.
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    Many thanks.
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