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300 Level Classes

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    I'm not if this is the right place for this, so mods can feel free to move this. I'm a part-time student going into my second semester of 300 level physics class. This past semester I oscillated between feeling just fine and questioning whether physics was right for me (usually around test time). I ended up with an A, A- and B- in thermodynamics, waves and oscillations and a lab respectively, but I'm not quite sure that's indicative of what I learned. Let's just say cheat sheets are a big help.

    Starting next month, I'll be taking E&M1, intermediate modern physics and a lab. What exactly can I expect in the first two of those classes? What are the most important calculus topics to review? To make a long story short, it's been about 4 years since I took the calc sequence, so I'm hoping it will come back to me.
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    A solid understanding of vector calculus will be incredibly useful for E&M. For modern physics, that will also be sufficient.
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    E&M will likely focus on solving boundary value problems. In particular, the Laplace and Poisson equations. The mathematical methods involved will likely include Fourier analysis and the method of images.

    Topics in Modern physics courses can vary a lot depending on the professor. My modern physics course focused on solid state physics and optics but yours can easily be different.
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    Ask the professors. Different schools do things differently: MIT or Caltech versus a flagship state university (U of Michigan, U of Texas, Ohio State) versus someplace like North Podunk State.

    (I'm assuming you're in the US.)
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    What does it say in the course description?
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    Well at least you didn't insult South Podunk State!
    South Podunk State alumni :woot:
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