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30GB Zunes locked up today.

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    It's a mystery. One theory that I'm subscribing to is that since this year is a leap year and we have an extra day, that come midnight tonight PST all Zunes will work once again. That is if they are stuck on the loading screen. Speculation.
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    The DRM theory in that article sounds about right for a spiteful Microsoft thing.
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    How many Zunes are even out there?

    I've never seen anyone listening to one or even stopped in front of the Zune aisle in any store looking at them or buying anything to do with them.

    Likely this only affects the corporate gnomes that had to own them in Redmond or look disloyal to Balmer's Edsel.
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    Zunes aren't as popular as iPods. For an MP3 player, I think other manufacturers make a better product than Apple and Microsoft. You shouldn't have to use iTunes or Zune software to put files on these things. The are basically a thumb drive with a headphone jack and an interface.

    I won my Zune in a drawing. It's a kewl device, really. I've got several movies, pictures, albums, and even audio books on mine. But if I were to by one I get a different brand.
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    Sure enough, it was a driver of a piece of the hardware that got hung up on the leap year. It will correct itself when restarted Jan 1. Mystery solved.
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    So does that mean it will happen the last day of every leap year?
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    Good question.
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    I would guess they will issue a firmware upgrade soon to correct it (and by soon I mean any time before the next leap year).
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    Chi Meson

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    You really think you will still be using the 06-07 Zune in 2012?

    People will laugh! "Look at that! It's as big as a hand!"
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    Or, "look at that! it doesn't even transport him home!".
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    Here's the follow-up on the story. Got to love the solutions.


    Typical Microsoft:
    In other words don't use it and you won't have any problems. That advice pretty much works for solving problems with most all their products.
    Pretty much the entire installed base then?
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    I hope they accounted for the extra leap second this year.
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    If they didn't, then starting 11:59:59 December 31 users will not be able to connect their Zunes for the rest of the year.

    Of course that's assuming that Zunes are even still being sold by then.
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