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Homework Help: 360 degrees circle

  1. May 27, 2016 #1
    Im doing a proof. For instance all sums of a triangle add upp to 180 degrees. But how to i motivate that all arcs on a circle add up to 360 degrees.

    A part of my proof is that Arc A + B + C = 360 degrees.

    But i dont know what to write in the column that motivates every step. ! Like a lap is 360 degrees dosent sound good enough
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    Usually we just say, angles at a point sum to 360o
    I think that is a definition of degrees.
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    In future posts, please don't delete the homework template. Its use is required.
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    Very much this.
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    This is true. We have chosen to use a 360degree system for a circle but other systems like a 400 degree system (have) exist(ed) as well.
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