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3D Animations in MATLAB

  1. Jul 2, 2010 #1
    I was tasked with making some animations of simple ODEs and PDEs in MATLAB for use in an undergraduate class. (Vibrating string, Heat Equation, Navier-Stokes)...

    I wrote some code and plotted some graphs, but I'm not seeing an option to animate along an axis in 2010a. Maybe I'm blind and it's staring me right in the face.

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    Oye... Nevermind. I found a great example on how to do this on Wikipedia.


    Code (Text):
    % illustration of the heat equation
    % Solve the heat equation using finite differences and Forward Euler
    function main()
       % the number of data points. More points means prettier picture.
       N = 100;
       L = 2.5; % the box size is [-L, L] x [-L, L]
       XX = linspace(-L, L, N);
       YY = linspace(-L, L, N);
       [X, Y] = meshgrid(XX, YY);
       scale = 2;
       Z = get_step_function (N, scale, X, Y);
       CFL = 0.125; % Courant–Friedrichs–Lewy
       dx = XX(2)-XX(1);  dy = dx; % space grid
       dt = CFL*dx^2;
       plot_dt = 0.004; % plot every plot_dt iterations
    % Solve the heat equation with zero boundary conditions
       T = 0:dt:1;
       iter = 0;
       frame_no = 0;
       for t=T
          % plot the current temperature distribution
          if floor(t/plot_dt) + 1 > frame_no
         frame_no = frame_no + 1
            % plot the surface
         figure(2); clf;
         surf(X, Y, Z);
             %  make the surface beautiful
         shading interp; colormap autumn;
             % add in a source of light
         camlight (-50, 54);
         lighting phong;
             % viewing angle
         view(-40, 38);
         axis equal; axis off;
         axis([-L, L, -L, L, 0, scale])
         hold on; plot3(0, 0, 3.4, 'g*'); % a marker to help with cropping
         file = sprintf('Movie_frame%d.png', 1000+frame_no); saveas(gcf, file) %save the current frame
         disp(file); %show the frame number we are at
             % cut at max_fr_no frames
         max_fr_no = 15;
         if frame_no >= max_fr_no
          % advance in time
          W = 0*Z;
          for i=2:(N-1)
         for j=2:(N-1)
            W(i, j) = Z(i, j) + dt * ( Z(i+1, j) + Z(i-1, j) + Z(i, j-1) + Z(i, j+1) - 4*Z(i, j))/dx^2;
          Z = W;
    % The gif image was creating with the command
    % convert -antialias -loop 10000  -delay 20 -compress LZW Movie_frame10* Heat_eqn.gif
    % get a function which is 1 on a set, and 0 outside of it
    function Z = get_step_function(N, scale, X, Y)
       c = 2;
       Z = (c^2-(X/e-d).^2-(Y/f).^2).^2 + k*(c+d-X/e).^3-shift;
       Z = 1-max(sign(Z), 0);
       Z = scale*Z;

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