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Homework Help: 3D colision question?

  1. Dec 5, 2008 #1
    two sticky balls
    each one weighs 1kg
    moving at g=-9.8k m/sec^2
    at t=0
    ball A:

    ball B:

    find ra(t) va(t) rb(t) vb(t) ??

    i know collisions from high school and here it looks very different
    i know
    v(t)=v0 +a*t
    x(t)=x0+v0*t +(a*t^2)/2
    how to see things in similar terms?
    how to solve it??
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    acceleration is a vector

    Hi transgalactic! :smile:
    Acceleration is a vector, so those equations work for each component separately.

    So you can do three separate equations …

    the x and y equations will have a = 0,

    and the z equation will have a = g. :smile:
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