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3D density plot

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    I am trying to display a 3D density plot for my data [x,y,z] and have tried 'scatter3' however as some data points are the same it does not represent the density very well. There is a cool function called scattercloud on the file exchange, but this is only for [x,y] data. I would appreciate any suggestions. Thanks
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    You could change the color (or marker size) to represent the number of points at the same location. If you're interested I can provide more help for doing this.

    I suppose even if you did this, density might not be represented well, as having points that were close but not exactly the same wouldn't result in a color change. Instead, you could divide the volume up into pieces, get a count of the points in each piece, and then assign a corresponding color to each piece.
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    Thanks all for your replies. MisterX, how would I go about plotting different colours to represent different densities? Thanks again.
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