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3d diagram help please for enantiomer reactions

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    hi there, i've got three chemical reactions i'm struggling to put into 3d.

    1) CoCl2.6H2O + en.2HCL --> rac-[Co(en)3]Cl3.0.5NaCl.3H2O (using NaOH and H2O2 as catalysts)

    2) rac-[Co(en)3]Cl3.0.5NaCl.3H2O + (+)Tartaric acid --> [(+)Co(en)3](+)tart]Cl.5H2O

    3) [(+)Co(en)3](+)tart]Cl.5H2O + NaI --> [(+)Co(en)3]I3.H2O

    anyone able to help? most useful would be the equations done in 3d using a computer program then uploading a screenshot to imgur or something, but really any help is appreciated. thanks heaps :) explanations behind answers most appreciated
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