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3D Elastic Collisions

  1. Aug 26, 2005 #1
    I am try to write a program with 3D spheres of different masses, radius, velocities and angles. Then use three dimensional elastic collision equations to find the spheres new velocities and angles. The problem is that i cant find any information or equations on 3D elastic collisions, only 1D ones.
    Can someone please point me to where i can find this information.
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    3D spheres are planar collisiosn...other 3D objects you will need to learn some analytic mechanics on rigid bodies. Chri Hecker as a good tutorial on 3D collisiosn in physics-based games that runs through the same theory...a little less clean(theory wise) but does what it does.
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    i don't think there should be any special rigid-body problems, since you're dealing with spheres...all you have to do is to change the standard 1-D ellastic collision equations into 3-D vector equations, i guess..
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    yeah its planar lying on the 2 vectors of motion unless of course your spherse are rotating which i've never dealt with(but happens in billiards though they are confined still to a 2D plane)
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    Thanks guys.
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