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3D experts

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    Well... i've been modeling and rendering scenes in maya quite while ago, like 3 months, i like this software.. still i dont think it is the ultimate one(as if there is such a thing), anyhow i would guess there is a software that completes maya and would give me almost what all the 3D world offers, i've heard of Zbrush and softimage XSI and lots of others... if anyone here has any helpful thoughts I would be pleased :smile:

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    3d studio max would be my next choice.
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    uh aren't 3Dsmax and maya the same type of software?
    softimage i thought was also similar to 3Ds/maya

    ZBrush is an awesome tool...i saw a teacher use it once...its for nice curvature deformity
    and yes it'll complement either maya or 3Ds
    rag-doll physics i thinkt 3Ds has.

    sound programme maybe.
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    yes thanx all, i would also say that 3Ds and maya are pretty the same, anyhow im becomeing more interested in zbrush as i hear much about it, i would ask again if zbrush is compatible with maya, so that i can export files from it to maya and vice versa....
    if anyone knows how to do such a thing, keep me informed or give me a link or something...

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