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3D Graphic editor

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    I`m looking for some kind of graphics editing software, allowing to draw 3D sketches and view them through anaglyph glasses (blue-red). The main purpose is just to assist my imagination in solving 3D geometry problems, so I prefer it to be as simple as possible. It would be great if there will be a feature to set the distance to the cursor using the mouse wheel or something like that.

    Does such a thing exist? At least, something similar? Or should I code it myself?

    Deep thanks!
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    Well, the list is quite huge, and I know nothing about a single item of it, so the point of this thread is to ask for your advice, which software to choose. I can`t try all of them and see if they give what I need :(
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    Alright, just found the source code of an anaglyph projecting software, `m going to expand its functionality. Thank you anyway, B0b-a.
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    VPython supports a stereoscopic option.
    Look at the last question in this FAQ

    Someone made this video of a VPython animation
    using YouTube's 3D option (click on settings to modify)

    (not sure how it was done)
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    I received a note from berkeman to my previous post. I didn`t mean to be insulting in any way. Just sincerely thanked the guy :)

    Robphy, I`m not familiar with Python at all, unfortunately, but what I found is this thing here: http://4coder.org/delphi-source-code/412/ (on Delphi). And it seems to work!
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