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3D Matrix Orientation issue

  1. Feb 9, 2010 #1
    I am attempting to write a C++ routine that will take a rectangle cube 3"x 2"y 1"z and rotate it by 90 degrees at a time. It then should display what side and direction it is in. Just how do you tell what side and orientation it is in? Seems like depending on what direction I go it gives me different results using the euler matrix. 6 sides 4 directions each gives me a multiple of 24 possible outputs. But going in different direction gives me incorrect results.

    I have created a spreadsheet to help with the 3d matrix programming. Thought others might like it and make it better. Please re-post the results or enjoy. Either way please help me understand how I can tell what face I am looking at.

    My use is for spindle to workpiece orientation. If I rotate the spindle orientation from vertical to horizontal. I have a new face orientation, to place the workpiece cube zero point in the correct orientation I will need to spin the block around. Keeping track of these is confusing.

    There must be away in the matrix to compute the orientation. Or do I use a new matrix to compute the sine cosine components and keep track of the directions the cube is spinning?

    (directions up, rotate left, rotate right, down)
    A = top side
    B = front side
    C = left side
    D = back side
    E = right side
    F = bottom side

    Thanks for any help

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