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3D Motion Tracking

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    tri axial accelerometer

    I'm doing a project to do with measuring velocity of an athlete.
    I'm looking into using a wireless tri axial accelerometer.
    I cant seem to find enough detailed information into how it works.
    Could you please help!!
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    recordings from accelerometers

    I'm currently using an accelerometer and it gives me data on a chart.
    The acceleration is plotted on the graph and the max acceleration is shown aswel.
    My main aim is highlight the max acceleration and show this figure without the graph on a monitor.
    For example, my accelerometer gives a max acceleration of 9m/s, i want just this figure to be displayed on a monitor.
    How can this be done or is it even possible?
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    I'm doing a project to do with 3D motion tracking.
    I have looked at numerous websites into how motion tracking is done but only a brief description is given. Can anyone help me out with a detailed description into how 3D motion tracking is done?
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    Are you constrained to using an accelerometer for the motion tracking, or can you use some other means? Does the tracking have to be self-contained on the person, or can part of it be something like a video camera mechanism tracking the motion? What are the constraints of this project?
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