3d plot in matlab

  1. i want to plot these equations in 3d

    Eq 1= 5x^2 - 2y^2 + 4x+ 4y -4 +2xy
    Eq 2 =x^2 +3x +2y +xy +5
    eq 3 = -7x2 +3x -6y +5xy +2

    i tried plot3 with 3 matix of x,y,z but i am not satisfied with the result.
    plz if any one know how to plot these equations.let me know
    thanks in advance
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  3. What kind of plot are you trying to make? I'm going to assume a surface plot since you didn't specify. Here is an example using the "surf" command.

    x = 1:1:100;
    y = 1:1:100;
    [X,Y] = meshgrid(x,y);
    Z = X.^2.*Y.^3;
  4. wel these 3 equations will represent 3 coordianted of plot(x,y,z)
    combine plot of these equation. i have tried
    ezsurf('-5*x.^2 - 2*y.^2 + 2*(x.*y) + 4*y + 4*x -4' ,'x.^2 +3*x +2*y +x*y +5 ','-7*x.^2 +3*x -6*y +5*(x.*y) +2 ');
    thats work
  5. Hi, I have 3 vectors of the same dimensions and want to plot a graph in 3D as surface or volume. I tried but I couldn't. Any body knows?
    Vectors arr:
    A=[2 5 15 25 30]
    B=[0.1 0.2 0.5 0.9 1.0]
    C=[1870 1890 1920 2000 2050]


  6. for this one u can use this,

    also mention the x and y values, ie starting and ending as x=1:10; y=1:10;

    surf(x,y,Eq 1);
    surf(x,y,Eq 2);
    surf(x,y,Eq 3);
  7. so u can try with this
  8. u can use plot3 function


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