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Homework Help: 3D projectile movement

  1. Jul 25, 2009 #1
    How would you do it if you were given initial x y z components of the object known as position vector and velocity vector of the object.

    Gravity is -981 in my case.
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  3. Jul 25, 2009 #2
    the same that would be for 1D

    taking time as parameter(t)

    where S,u,a are vector quantities
    so now writting in orthogonal for
    Sz=Uz *t + 0.5 Az *t*t
    Sz=component in zdirection
    similiarly the rest of others

    now the path would be parabolic but u might not necceserly get quaderatic eq.
    because eq. depend upon ur choice of orthogonal vectors
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