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3D splines, reference text

  1. Mar 24, 2012 #1
    Hey guys girls and thanks in advance
    (Sorry if this post is in the wrong area)

    Ive been working with splines in 2D for a little while now and am fluent with the mathematics behind them. I now need to use 3D splines but cannot come across a good reference material to reconstruct them ... I'm using matlab, however the student version does not contain the splines toolbox so i have to do the crunching myself/coding. Which is okay, i would rather know how it works than let a function do it for me anyways.

    Ive been searching the web and mathematics books in the library without much luck. All the texts seem to cover 2D splines that i've come across.

    Just wondering if anyone knows a good reference text off the top of their heads or the mathematics area i should be looking at more specifically to help with my searching.

    Cheers Trent
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