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3D trajectory formula?

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    Hello, I am designing a FPS in which I am planning for the trajectory of a bullet to follow this formula here:


    I am not adding any drag or resistance a the moment, but the problem is, that all these trajectory formulas are in 2D planes.

    I am not too familiar with physics and haven't taken any courses on it, so I was wondering if there exists a formula for a 3D plane, or if there is a way of converting the 2D equation easily

    Thanks, any help or advice is greatly appreciated
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    the path of a projectile is 2d x,y. now if your looking to take on the Coriolis effect for an accurate representation then it would be x,y,z.

    I'm not familiar enough with FPS to know if the gamer can handle the ability to calculate hitting a moving target with the Coriolis effect under duress. it may be a bit much for passive play but use full for trainers.

    here's wiki's page on what your looking for: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/External_ballistics

    hope that helps.
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    I think this is what im looking for

    http://babek.info/libertybasicfiles/lbnews/nl130/proj3d.htm [Broken]

    Im going to try and implement this and see what happens
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    I see, but that can still be translated back to a 2d projectile path. the Cartesian coordinates are there only to locate the start and end points of the projectile while the path is still only 2d.

    In actual form the effects of numerous forces cause the projectile to take a 3d path. that was what I thought you were after.
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