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3D Ultrasonic Sonar

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    I'm working on arduino based project, that actually can perform 3 features:

    1. Virtual Touch Screen, for remote control purposes big screen TV, projectors, public display, or for interactive games
    2. 3D Ultrasonic Radar, small range - 3 m for now, but real time with update rate 50 fps;
    3. Precise distance measurements , down do 12 micrometers.

    FFT is the major part of software application running on arduino DUE (cortex-3 , ATMEL SAM3X8E), plus 4 very popular ultrasonic distance sensors HC-SR04. Extracting the phase of returning ultrasonic wave, great precision in distance measurements possible.

    More details on the blog page:
    and two demo video clips on youtube channel:

    Opinions and suggestions are welcome.
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    Sounds like an interesting project. BTW, I changed "Radar" to "Sonar" in your thread title. Radar uses radio waves, and Sonar uses sound (or ultrasound) waves. :smile:
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    jim hardy

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    There's a lot of research on that subject. They use it for refueling of sodium cooled reactors because you can't see through sodium.
    A friend did electronics work for Bechtel , making high powered drivers for the transducers.

    A quick search turned up lots more applications than i could have imagined:

    https://inlportal.inl.gov/portal/server.pt/community/science___engineering/332/materials_characterizaton_laser_based_mat%27l_charac [Broken]
    http://www.constructech.com/news/articles/article.aspx?article_id=9183 [Broken]

    You're on to something there. Have fun !
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    Agree, I missed this out. Same time sonar term sounds too specific, related to underwater localization. Tracking object in the air brings radar to mind
    True, but all of them industrial or military. I don't know any research on small, "hobbyist" scale, with a budget < 100$.
    New video posted, radar, hmm, sonar relaying a data to android application.

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