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3D Viewer for ANSYS 13.0 Solutions Needed

  1. Nov 15, 2011 #1

    I've talked to the ANSYS Customer Portal (CP) about this very issue. I have a customer who wants to see FEA solutions from the Mechanical Workbench in a 3D format so that he can see, first hand, stresses propogating in a steel structure. The CP said that in order for ANSYS to do this I must purchase a CFD add-on which comes with a 3D viewer. Since my company does not do enough fluid flow simulations to warrant this purchase I'm wondering if anyone out there has found a 3D viewer capable of viewing solution files from ANSYS. ANSYS will not sell this 3D viewing capability proprietarily.

    There are a number of 3D viewers available - and some for free; but none (that I've found) work with ANSYS solutions. I think the soltuion file extention is .rst . Does anyone have experience with this? Just a few keywords pointing to a fix would be more than adequate and certainly, and above all else, appreciated.
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