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3d vision

  1. May 24, 2004 #1
    Today I went to the Imax of my city for the first time. To see a 3d movie. I never saw a 3d movie before, so I was quite excited. So, I payed 10 euros for the show, and they gave a special glasses, that permit to see the 3d images. The screen is incredible, 600 square meters of area. Now, I can tell that the experience is better that I could imagine. You really think that you are inside the screen, and I've experienced terrific things like been devoured by a crocodile, or I've felt what a monkey feel when it jumps from branch to branch in a tree. There are situations that something comes to you, and you really put the hands in front of you to stop it. Really, if you have an Imax near you, go immediatelly. It really changes your vision of life. When i went out of the Imax, it's like the habitual things that you see, a car, a street lamp, are not real, they don't exist. It's make me wonder if the world really exist. Can be a fake thing? Oh I think that I'm raving. It's time to go to bed. And I have not changed my atheist predisposition
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    IMAX movies are my favorite. If you ever see one called 'To Fly', WATCH IT!! And have a barf bag handy! :surprise: :wink: :biggrin:
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    You havn't seen IMAX until you've seen the extremely cool out-in-space IMAX films at the Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral.
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    Those are great, too, motai!! Also, The Living Sea and Dolphins. Shoot, ANYTHING would be great on an IMAX! :wink:
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    jimmy p

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    How bout the Terminator show in Universal Studios in Florida?
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