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3D wing modeling in Ansys V13

  1. Nov 30, 2011 #1
    I'm stuck in a bit of a bind here. The adjunct teaching my aerodynamics course has decided to assign a last minute project wherein we have to model a 3D wing or turbine blade.

    In the case of the wing, we need to assess it's lift characteristics and modify it, in the case of the wind turbine blade, we need to determine the torque generated about the base of the blade.

    My problem: He's given us little to no resources to go on. We first saw Fluent two weeks ago when he gave us a 2D airfoil tutorial, and we don't even have regular access to computers with Fluent.

    Soooo, how the heck do we create 3D airfoils using ANSYS? I've gone through Google for an hour now trying to find something that makes sense, but the closest I've gotten is 'Importing Airfoil Models into Fluent from CATIA' and we sure don't have CATIA.

    Any help or links to appropriate information would be greatly appreciated.
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