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3G Phone

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    How fast is 3G?

    and can you connect a 3G phone to your computer act as a modem and surf the internet using ur computer?
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    3G has up to 384Kbits download speed and 192Kbits upload speed.

    If you like that, that requires the network service support and Bluetooth or Infra port.
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    Yea, here has 3G coverage.

    So, what software and peripherals should I get?
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    Sorry, I don't acquaint to this much, but I suggest you to ask the Network service operator first. They can help you.
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    Operator with a 3G network and a phone & PC with bluetooth capability (most laptops have bluetooth cards nowadays) should suffice ... use it myself primarily in gprs networks, connecting via bluetooth making it really handy over infrared and cables as it was a few years ago.
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