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3rd Degree

  1. Jul 13, 2015 #1
    Because I had a lot of high school credits, I am able to to complete a physics/math dual major in 3 years time. I just got some extra funding from a few scholarships that I cannot apply for graduate school, but would allow me to stay here for an extra year. If I don't, I'm essentially wasting the money.

    Could I feasibly finish a 3rd major while I'm here, maybe something with better job outlook (in case my physics career doesn't pan out)? What would be a good choice? Or should I just take some grad classes? I'd like to hear possible suggestions.

    Thank You
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    In my opinion, you can either rush through three majors, or take your time through two. I'd recommend taking some grad classes, or maybe taking fewer credit hours and doing research.
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    like tide detergent said above, I would recommend not doing three majors.
    Why don't you take some electives you like, or do some research in topics. Take that extra time to get good at something, not learn the basics of another thing.

    You want to learn something, not rush through and get a piece of paper
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    I suggest this option. Focus on doing well in physics/math first, then worry about whether you're going to continue your education after you've gotten a feel for what you want to specialize in.
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    I'm not really sure I got the point where "going straight for a PhD program" dropped out of the list of options. Not letting grant money going to waste seems like a rather weak argument, assuming PhD positions are paid in <wherever you would do this PhD>. A PhD is so much more fun than boring "do your homework, try to get good grades" undergrad time.
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    How do you figure the money will be "wasted"? The scholarship will give it to another deserving student, right? That's a good thing, not a waste...

    Just my 2¢
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    I guess I'm looking at the situation in a rather selfish way.
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