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3yr general science BSc degree

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    will getting this degree lead to an actual job? if so, what kind of job? and approx how much pay? (starting pay and average pay after 5-10 years on the job).

    here's the program im somewhat thinking about:
    http://de.uwaterloo.ca/faculty_of_science_requirements.html [Broken]
    btw, this program is a study-at-home deal.

    i do enjoy science and i interests me. im not particularly good (like i dont have a natural knack for it, but always have over an 80 average in advance hs courses).

    im really lost here. im looking into other career idea, like court reporting (transcribing), medical transcription, or accounting. but science seems the most interesting.

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    It doesn't look like something worthwhile to me. I don't know, maybe you could become a high school science teacher with that--there is a similar "general science" major at my school that is intended for people who want to be high school science teachers. I guess it would depend on how the teacher accreditation process works in Canada. At my school, the general science major program has fewer/easier requirements than specific science or engineering majors, which means you learn less.

    What did a grade of 80 mean at your high school? What was your class rank? If you're interested and good at science you should go with a more specific major.
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    also correspondance courses are ususally very poor and should be avoided if at all possible
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    i was just noting that my grade average is above 80. not sure what my class rank was. in hs i didnt apply myself and ended up with nothing but useless credits. and so after hs i took a bunch of hs credit courses through correspondence so now i have the pre-reqs i need to get into something. i seem to be more keen on biology than the other sciences.

    being a teacher is the last thing i want to do. :yuck:

    one of the things that appeals to me about this course is that i'd be able to study at home (really not keen on commuting everyday to school).

    also, with this bsc course, would i be able to get into microbiology or something like that afterwards?

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    If you want to go into microbiology, go into microbiology. This is really a gimped degree. Don't expect to be able to do much with it.
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    I also agree...Find somthing you want to do and do it, not limit yourself and you definatley are with this degree. If getting to class is the problem and you must take all online courses i'm not sure how many majors will actually do that in science, especially because of the labs.
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    If you are interested in microbiology then you should do that from the start. A distance learning science degree seems like a bit of a sham to me, I mean who is going to hire a science graduate who has never even been in a lab before? I also find it a bit off that it is only 3 years, when a degree is supposed to be 4. If you are planning on micro anyway seems better to just save the time and money and go into it in the first place.
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    You might be able to wangle a job as a "science reporter" for a newspaper or TV "nitwitness" news team. Dunno that there's that much market for such. Bill Nye isn't exactly "knocking 'em dead," playing to SRO crowds, or pulling down the kind of money Oprah is.
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    lol. good lord. :eek:

    im not sure what i want to do. i was somewhat thinking about nursing or other health related careers, but now i realize i dont have the right personality and what not (not a people person, forgetful, squeamish, etc.) to work in health.

    it sounds to be like the only point in taking the general science degree would to get into some sort of post-graduate degree for something specialized. not my cup of tea. i'd like to be working in 2-3 years at something.

    i dunno. i just dunno.

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