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Programs 4.0 or harder major

  1. Nov 1, 2016 #1
    Just curious of your opinion: achieving a 4.0 at an easier degree like engineering tech. or doing poor in a math based degree like engineering

    I'm still pretty set on engineering technology and I know my GPA will drop, but I would like to know your opinion from employer perspective. Also I'm unsure what pace I should take classes--try to keep my GPA up or not
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    Don't know where you're at in terms location, but in the US engineering tech majors generally work as technicians while engineers work as engineers. Which did you want to do?

    If you want to work as an engineer, you should get an engineering degree. If you want to work as a technician, you should get an engineering technician degree, or some kind of vocational training.
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    Manage your GPA by working hard, not by picking an easier major.
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    One of the issues with picking a major that you think will lead to an easy GPA is that it can backfire. I've witnessed this happen quite often with specific classes - students take something because they think it's going to be an easy A only to find out it's one of the more challenging classes out there and made more so by the fact that they have no particular interest in the subject. On the other hand, if you struggle with something you enjoy, at least you'll enjoy the time doing it.

    Make your decisions based on the education you want to receive, the skills that you want to develop and perhaps the profession you would like to enter.
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    Speaking as someone who has been in both types of programs, and having to mentor junior engineers from both programs, I suggest you consider moving into the engineering degree vs staying with your Engineering Technology degree. The engineering degree will be quite a bit more difficult, but your basic education will be much deeper. And if you ever want to pursue a professional engineering license, you will be able to do so in half the time and have a much higher probability of passing.
    However, a previous company I worked for made no real distinction between the two engineering majors (I was in the engineering department of a large Electrical company).
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