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4 axes of spacetime

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    below the speed of light we experience one axis if time and three of space. So at the speed of light the space and time unify and we get 4 isotropic axes of spacetime. 4 identical dimensions. is this correct?
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    There are no inertial reference frames going at the speed of light.
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    You should consider that you are always at rest relative to yourself so no matter what your speed is relative to someone else, you get the same four axes and the same experience as someone at rest. Right now you are moving at .99999c relative to some observer in some far distant galaxy somewhere... does that affect what you're experiencing or your notion of how the space and time around you is behaving?
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    Why does there have to be an observer at the spacial origin of every frame? When we transform from one frame to another, there is no observer at the spacial origin of the new frame, not even conceptually.
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