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4 d diagrams (spatial)

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    I read a book called hyperspace. And in it it mentioned that 4 d diagrams are unperciveable by man and he can picturize only in 3 D. Is that the opinion of everybody? Because i believe that dimensions are themselves only projections of shadows of points. THis is probably already known, i really don't know anything about hyperspace. And i would appriciate it if someone would point out site on it. Either way i think 4 d diagrams are not impossible, infact below is the link for one i drew on the comp. Not only 4 d one can actually go on to how many ever needed. I maybe outright ignorant about this whole thing, and i would appricate it if someone would help me out in saying where i have gone wrong.

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    When you are this level functionality rules. There isn't a standard for 4d art. I would suggest that you bring out the dimensional segments in your 4d drawing. To clarify the work lines that are behind lines toward the observer should be broken, as if hidden. Shading can be added to clue volumes within volumes. You don't have tio limit the drawing with additonal fluff, but giving the viewer some navigation clues would help. Also I am not sure how you would apply the drawings. A simple and complex example would be helpful.
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    I had an idea for 4D diagrams:

    Sounds simple but bear with me please: On a piece of paper, draw horizontal a line. This is for the 1st dimension. Note that this line is dividing the available 360 degrees by 2, leaving 180 degrees available. For the 2nd dimension, draw a vertical line. This line divides the remaining 180 degrees by 2, leaving 90 degrees available. For the 3rd dimension, draw a diagonal line. Again, this line divides 90 degrees by 2, and 45 degrees left.

    OK it was standard up to this point. My idea is: for the 4th dimension, all we have to do is to draw a line that divides the remaining 45 degrees by 2! Looks like this:

    (edit: the link would not work as .gif, converted to html now. Does anyone think having this kind of 4D diagrams is fine or wrong and why?)

    Funny thing is, if space had 4 spatial dimensions, and our seeing had this perspective, I'm not sure if we could tell it from 3 dimensions.
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