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4 physics demos

  1. Jan 26, 2004 #1
    Tokamak is a very nice physics engine that can be found on http://www.tokamakphysics.com

    Well, anyway, some people and I have been working on tokamak integration with blitz; mainly done by sweenie who produced a nice wrapper, as well as the first demos. I haven't actually done much; although I did host some demos, add motion blur to the main demo, write a static mesh function thing that allows you to use multiple multisurface hierarchal meshs in tokamak, and make a bad texture for the bowling ball.

    anyway, here it is:http://blitzstuff.250free.com/zips/Blitz_tok_demos2.exe(1.2 MB ; self extracting 7zip archive as I have a 2mb filesize limit on my host and the zip is 2.35 MB)

    Thanks to:
    Mark Sibly for creating Blitz in the first place :)
    Sweenie for a great wrapper for tokomak
    Bradford6 for most of the main demo and the catapult demo
    IPete for bullet time in main demo
    AL for slo-mo in the main demo
    Bot Builder/DivisionByZero(me) for motion blurring and multiple static multisurface hierarchal mesh collider functions
    The Crow for the Bowling demo which was originaly written by voderman using ODE as opposed to tokamak
    Fredborg for the maketokcollider func
    The Tokamak staff for the great physics SDK

    The controls mostly involve mouse for looking, possibly mouse buttons for manipulation, WASD for movement sometimes, space bar to activate galloping or have everything move upwards, and some keys on the keyboard to manipulate settings(given in-program).

    Main Demo #1
    Main Demo #2
    Main Demo #3
    Catapult demo

    Couldn't really get a good picture of the galloping demo. it's all in the motion.

    [edit]anyone know why the piccies aren't showing?
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  3. Jan 29, 2004 #2
    looks pretty cool:smile:
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