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4 Spatial Dimensions Snake

  1. Sep 13, 2011 #1
    Hi everybody,

    I've a started a little a game, it is based on the nokia game snake, where you have to guide the snake and eat the food.

    I wrote a little script in python, and a C++ version of the game but in 4 spatial dimension. The snake moves through a euclidean 4 space.

    what do you think of the idea?

    snake 4d:

    (is it possible to download the executable, look at the video description, the python version is a bit buggy, but I have corrected the bugs in the C++ version, which is still not compiled)

    stereoscopic view:

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    That video sucks... it's all laggy and skips and the music doesn't fit it. Make a better video first then post it.
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    On the other hand, I love the video, Lisa Gerrard is awesome.

    And the concept is freaking cool, I love this.
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    thx for the sincerity, I already know about this problems and I'm trying to do a second video, but I'm trying to catch every opinion possible to make it better.

    - The video is laggy, yes, there are some bugs (one in particular, the rendering function), I corrected it in the C++ version (by using OpenGL), now it runs at 60/65 fps. Which is really smooth. But the program I use to record the screen introduce some lags. If you have any program that works on mac for screen recording, well a suggestion is appreciated...

    -music-> well is a matter of tastes and it was one of the few mp3 stored in my laptop ;) what would fit better?

    Thx a lot. if you want the source code of the C++ version which is actually playable is here:

    it has some problems with the make file, but it can be fixed, but I don't really know how.
    To compile it needs the Qt libraries (download the Qt SDK(1.4Gb) and compile it (press run) it should work.)
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    Have you considered using some of the popular elements?
    http://www.stopfinger.com/goods_c3BlY19pZAk1ODY4.html" [Broken]
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    I did a new clip that I hope it will shed a bit of light on the 4 spatial dimension snake...
    how to play the 4d snake:
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