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4 years of a foreign language

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    When I was looking at the websites for Ivy League universities, I noticed that you need 4 years of a foreign language for all of them. I have already finished my freahman year without taking a foreign language. Will I get into an Ivy League university. with only three years of taking French, which by the was is the only foreign language available at my high school. Please tell me that there is a solution. I really want to go to an Ivy League University. Will I still have a chance of going or do I have to try at another university?
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    I really doubt that you will get rejected for not having four years of a foreign language, so if you start your sophmore year and take french for the next three years as long as you keep up with some extra curriculars, work hard, and try your best to get good scores on the SAT or ACT then you should be fine. So don't stress to much about only having three years of a language because I really doubt that will be the factor that would prevent you from admission.
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    they are probably sensitive to your taking all that was available. but in a pinch why not take more in the summer at a french institute, or go to france and take it there.
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