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4000yr old temple peru

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    Ancient Temple in Lambayeque Department, Peru.
    Cerro Ventarron is a natural hill containing multiple adobe ceremonial sites that were built and used over several millennium. Artwork found in one 4000 year old adobe "pyramid" is believed to be the oldest example of a painted mural in the New World.

    Despite the simplicity of the building techniques, dried mud without stone, gravel, or straw filler, the building was decorated with red and white exterior paint and internal rooms contain polychrome murals adjacent to a fire-blackened altar/chimney.
    The culture that created it predates the famous Sipan culture of the same area by over a thousand years.
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    Fantastic! I'm heading to Peru next month. Maybe I can get some first hand input from the locals!
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    Lastest news from the Trenches of Peru:

    I love to go digging! :biggrin: I'm sure you'll have a fantastic trip Greg.
    I'm heading to Costa Rica.
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    Wow! That burial site was one heck of a find! I'm lucky to find an arrow-head now and again.
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    Hi Turbo :smile: Digging is fun and exhausting. :wink: Notice from the link (url) I provided that was from Archaeological Institute of America, World Roundup Volume 62 Number 4, July/August 2009:


    My first digging began along beaches. I have a collection of rare shells, etc that span over 40 years. Sure can't be found any longer along any beaches I've been to. The cutest and one of my favorite "finds" was a little coin purse with change in it. Lot's of old pennies.:biggrin:
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    My best find was a pale blue and tan spear point in perfect shape. I found it while walking along Mobile beach after a storm. I bought a sandwich and was eating it and taking a walk to stretch my legs after hours of driving. I gave it to a friend for his birthday.
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    Turbo, you were very kind to give it to your friend.:smile:

    Here is something I saw that might be interesting for those visiting Peru or interested in the scientific contributions made by people from Peru who lived long ago. On April 22, 2007 NASA Goddard Space Flight Center took an image of Chankillo Observatory, Peru.

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    Nice link!
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    He already had a large collection of flint tips from Maine, collected by his grandfather, and great-grandfather many years ago. I figured that such a beautiful specimen should be the crown of a larger collection, not just a curiosity on my shelf. He was pretty happy.
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    It's been a while since I last posted to this topic but couldn't resist mentioning that the March 2010 of National Geographic magazine has a very intriguing and informative, eight page article with pictures that I highly recommend. Spirits in the Sand - The ancient Nasca lines of Peru shed their secrets by Stephen S. Hall.


    Turbo1, we never did get a report back from Greg Bernhardt how he liked his trip to Peru. :biggrin: Perhaps he would like to share with us and new comers to Physics Forums some of the highlights of it?

    I just found out that one of my sea shells is worth over $2,000 :surprised. I've only collected over a thousand sea shells in my lifetime.
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    It was amazing. Cuzco and the whole sacred valley was great. MP gave me chills. One of my favorite places!

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    I saw a recent documentary on that.

    Wow!! That's awesome!
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    Great photos. I'd love to see that area, as much for the rugged mountains as for the architecture.
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    Greg, those are absolutely stunning photos. Good looking man there and Machupicchu
    is breathtaking.

    Since I'm fond of hummingbirds I noted that there are more than a few in Peru. HUMMINGBIRDS of the Madre de Dios watershed, Perú
    Joseph A. Tobias, Philip Koch, Chris Merkord
    Asociación para la Conservación de la Cuenca Amazónica / Amazon Conservation Association
    http://fm2.fieldmuseum.org/plantguides/guide_pdfs/230 Hummingbirds MdD.pdf

    I think I've seen this one in my backyard.
    22 Lophornis chalybeus chalybeus

    I was provided additional insight in the advancement Peru the GPR archaeological surveys done in Peru

    Evo, it is good news about my shell. I thrilled and in the process of making a display case for my collection.

    I was curious about seashells from Peru so went digging (research) on the Internet for information.

    I'm heading out today to go sailing. Have a beautiful day everyone.
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