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48x24x48 vs 52x24x52 CDRW

  1. Jun 5, 2003 #1
    i decided to upgrade my cdrw,
    48x vs 52x price difference is 10USD in malaysia.
    from articles of pc magazine i read, the write speed is not much different.
    i think 48x is enough.
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  3. Jun 6, 2003 #2
    I recall reading the same thing, although I don't recall where I read it. 48x will burn your CD's plenty fast...save the 10 bucks and go to lunch after you buy it
  4. Jun 6, 2003 #3
    48x and 52x are blazing and you won't see too much of a difference. I have a 40x and can write a complete cd in about 3-4 minutes.
  5. Jun 7, 2003 #4
    Heh, I never saw the need to above 24 or even 12.... just get the cheap one. :)
  6. Jun 8, 2003 #5
    I bought the Sony 48x24x48 cdrw burner, just 46 us dollar here.
  7. Jun 16, 2003 #6
    To burn 650MB CD by cd-spying on the fly, it takes 3min 15sec if i set 48x recording speed, is this acceptable ?[?]
  8. Jun 25, 2003 #7
    I read an article in Maximum PC about this same deal. You may want to search for it at http://www.maximumpc.com The actual difference is only by seconds!
  9. Jun 26, 2003 #8
    I think this is up to you....:wink:
    Currently I do it in about 15 min (I use an older Teac...) so you are way ahead....
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