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4th Dimension Discussion

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    I know little about this topic, yet it interests me beyond imagining.

    What can you guys tell me about it? Anything at all
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    I think you will have to ask a more explicit question.
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    The 4th dimension is time. What would you like to know about it?
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    Anything and everything you know, whatever that is
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    You'd be happier with the relativity forum than quantum mechanics, but before you post anything further in any forum here, Google around for "space-time", "time fourth dimension", "Minkowski", and see what you find. You will find lots of interesting stuff, and you may be able to come back with a more tightly focused question.
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    To bounce off what Nugatory said, you should ask specific questions if you want a meaningful thread. There are plenty of resources out there for general knowledge if you are just wanting that, but PF isn't one of them.
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