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4th Dimension

  1. Feb 4, 2008 #1
    I have no schooling in physics but for the past 3 years I have had this idea floating around in my head and figured i'd tell somebody and see what they thought.

    my theory is about the 4th Dimension. I believe that energy is the 4D and not time. Energy can be measured like width, heigth and length. Energy is in all things in our universe just like width, length and heigth. I believe are universe is 4D not 3D. if an object is stripped of its energy i.e. absolute zero what happens to it? I believe it will no longer exist, reason for this is that 4D objects can only exist in a 4D universe and so forth. 1d for 1d. 2d for 2d.

    well this is my thought. pls post or email me with logic so i can finally stop thinking about this : )
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    Funny as it may seem, your intuition is not as silly as one might think at first sight. Energy is the generator of time translations. However, in order to make some sense out of this, you should really suppress the urge to have your own theories before having learned a bit about what many smart people have built over the years....
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    There isn't really any 1D,2D,3D or 4D. It actually depends on what you are working with, you might work with length and energy then they becomes 1D and 2D. So forget about fighting over whether time is 4th dimension or energy. it all depends what you are working with. if you are working with both of them then it all depends on situation whichever comes first.
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    i see....kinda

    as i said before, no formal learning in physics...but if any of you can recommend any books i would greatly appreciate it. dont know why but seem to be interested in this.

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