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B 4th Dimension

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    Correct me if I am wrong and pls answer to my question .The 4th dimension is also known as SPACETIME.Does it mean that if we if are able to understand it and if we apply it,we can travel space and time?If Yes then, will we be able to construct TIME MACHINE and travel through time?and also through space quick easier than that of today?
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    This is incorrect. Spacetime is a framework constructed by merging all three physical dimensions and the time dimension together. The 4th dimension is time.

    Read more here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spacetime

    We already understand spacetime very well. Well enough to make predictions that have yet to be found inaccurate or incorrect. While we can already travel through space in any direction and speed of our choosing (within physical possibilities), we are constrained to traveling through time in a single direction. It is unlikely that future understanding will lead to time travel. Not only does it violate multiple physical laws (any one of which are extremely important and practically a requirement for all of modern physics), but the various paradoxes that crop up cast serious doubt on its possibility.
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    Time is usually considered the "4th dimension". Since space and time are intertwined, all four are called spacetime.

    We already do travel space and time. Knowledge of spacetime does not give you any special powers.


    In a sense, yes. We understand how great distances can be covered if only we can move fast enough.
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    I beg to differ on this one, as knowledge of spacetime can give you the special power to awe and amaze young physics students. :wink:
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    You got me there. :smile:
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