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Homework Help: 4th Order Elliptic Filter

  1. Nov 24, 2007 #1

    I'm trying to find the transfer function to this circuit (see attached image). I put together a matlab script file which I will paste the code below. I found the transfer function to be:

    Can someone verify this is correct?

    Matlab Code:
    % Convert to S-domain
    R1 = 1
    C1 = sym('1/(s*C1)')
    C2 = sym('1/(s*C2)')
    L2 = sym('s*L2')
    C3 = sym('1/(s*C3)')
    L4 = sym('s*L4')
    RL = 1

    % L4 in series with RL
    Zeq1 = L4 + RL

    % Zeq1 in parallel with C3
    Zeq2 = (Zeq1*C3)/(Zeq1 + C3)

    % L2 and C2 in parallel
    Zeq3 = (L2*C2)/(L2 + C2)

    % Zeq2 in series with Zeq3
    Zeq4 = Zeq2 + Zeq3

    % Zeq4 in parallel with C1
    ZL = (Zeq4*C1)/(Zeq4 + C1)

    % Voltage division to get Transfer Function
    T = ZL/(ZL+R1)


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    The Electrician

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    What you have done so far looks good, but you stopped too early. What you have called ZL is the driving point impedance at node V1. So when you calculated T=ZL/(ZL+R1), that is only the transfer function from Vin to V1.

    Let T1 be what you have already calculated, and then using T1*Vin as the voltage at node V1, we need the voltage at node V2 = T2*V1 and the voltage at node Vout = T3*V2. So continue to calculate T2 = Zeq2/(Zeq2+Zeq3) and T3 = RL/(Zeq1). Then the overall transfer function should be T1*T2*T3.

    But, the calculations you have already done don't seem to have given a correct result, even though the steps in your matlab script file seem correct. I don't know matlab, so I've done it in Mathematica and attached the result as a .gif file. I typed in your expression and simplified it, and it didn't equal what I got.

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    The Electrician

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    I'm going to try posting the image in two parts. Hopefully it will be more readable.

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