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4x4 determinants

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    What are the applications of a 4x4 determinant and what can it represent? To make it more clear, a 3x3 determinant represents vector perpendicular to two vectors and a 3x3 determinant can also be used to calculate torque. So, what can a 4x4 determinant do? Also, if there is a nxn determinant that also does something, I'd be interested in knowing what that represents too.
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    Find out about eigenvalues and eigenvectors, and how they relate to determinants.
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    Determinants are invariant under similarity transformations - often appearing as changes in coordinate systems - and have other useful properties related to matrix multiplication and inversion.

    In a sense the determinant calculates a volume related to the region bounded by the column (or row) vectors. This works in all dimensions.
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