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5.8ghz vs 2.4ghz cordless phones

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    So what exactly is the rela world difference between a 5.8ghz cordless phone nad the older 2.4ghz cordless phones?
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    The manufactures of 5.8 GHz phones are allowed by FCC to trasmit more power than at 2.4 GHz. Hence more power will increase the range. Also, 2.4 GHz band is extremely crowded, from amateur operators, satellite links, microwave ovens, to bluetooth and various other wireless devices. Where as there is basically nothing at 5.8 GHz. In the years to come, 5.8 GHz band will become crowded just like 2.4 GHz band hence 10.6 GHz phones will come out.
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    I remember the good old days with only 900 MHz phones
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